Welcome to inavit iQ consulting

inavit iQ consulting is a South African company that design and develop business solutions directed at ensuring operational continuity, excellence and enabling future business growth and expansion. As a philosophy, inavit iQ consulting and its affiliate companies strongly believe that we serve clients best by working as part of a network or community of practice where we focus on what we do well, and when needed, partner with others to ensure we deliver value to our clients. Only two things are really important to us: 1) the excellence and benefit of what we deliver and 2), our reputation with clients, partners and competitors.


Our clients tell us:




''You are able to reduce complexity and make things simple and practical''

''inavit iQ consulting is quick without being superficial''

''The solutions you provided us are sustainable and not the typical quick-fix''

''Although your solutions are leading practice, you also make it work for our specific context'

Our business
We have been in business as individual companies and a collaborative group for more than 25 years and have a proud history. More than 70% of our business is repeat business. With some clients we have relationships of 10 years or more.

'Our values
Authentic, trusted and committed to the success of our clients
Utmost integrity in EVERYTHING we do
Enable clients to implement and maintain solutions independently
We want to be involved with work that adds value, are meaningful, and which makes a difference

Our team
We have a highly diverse and experienced team of Industrial Engineers, Business Analysts and Industrial Psychologists with a broad knowledge and skills base across different sectors. Where we do not have the expertise internally, we have a partnership network with esteemed local and international organisations to ensure the design and delivery of fit for purpose business solutions.