Our Approach

To create solutions that leverage business opportunities, address critical business challenges, and realise targeted business benefits, inavit iQ consulting follows a unique approach based on the following “reversed logic”:

  • The realisation of business benefits ( i.e. operating profit, top line revenue and market share) are dependent on the creation of
  • customer delight (loyal and satisfied customers), which is a direct result of the delivery of value added product-as-service solutions by
  • high performing teams, that have the required organisation capacity of processes, technology, data and information to mobilise them to deliver optimised product-as-service solutions,
  • And who are managed through leadership excellence, towards
  • A common goal and strategy.

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This approach, allows us to, throughout solution design, focus on the key levers that will impact positively on business value add. Our aim is therefore to, through mindful collaboration and true partnership with clients, deliver smart “Just-In-Time” solutions for the now, and future “Right-In-Time” solutions to create sustainable value over time.

What We Do

The solutions we specialise in are aligned with the approach described above, and aim to leverage business opportunities and address critical business challenges to realise targeted business benefits.




Business Strategy

To achieve sustainable business benefits, we collaborate with clients to gain clarity on Strategic Intent (future direction), immediate and “in-time” changes required to achieve their Strategic Intent, create Tactical Alignment (connecting the interdependent components of strategic thinking, planning and implementation across the organisation) and monitor delivery against Strategy through Business Scorecards / Dashboards. Our solutions include:

Business Renovation Solutions (Merger / Acquisition / Turnaround / Transformation Solutions)

Business Diagnostics / Discoveries

Tactical Alignment (Alignment of Tactics and Operational Execution Plans to Strategy)

Business Scorecard/ Dashboard Design

Organisational Capacity

To align strategy, leadership, process, technology, data and information, structure and people, and thereby create the requisite organisational capacity for business benefit realisation, we provide the following solutions:

Business Model Design (Business / Business Operating / Commercial / Capability Models)

Business Process and Information Architecture Design

Organisation Structure, Work and Job Design

People/ Talent Architecture Design

Operational Governance and Decision Making

Aligning and driving the organisation towards a common direction and purpose requires operational governance and decision making excellence. Through requisite Governance, Decision and Management Practices, we enable capable, competent and credible leaders to achieve operational excellence. Our solutions in this domain include:

Governance Framework Design

Decision and Management Practices Design and Implementation Support

Operational Performance

To ensure continuous people performance whilst the internal operational environment constantly change, we deliver value added solutions through internal Surveys and Bench-marking, Project Integration and Transition Support, and Change Management.

Customer Delight

To build and sustain customer loyalty and satisfaction, the organisation as a whole needs to be aligned towards achieving client needs and requirements. Having the right information available for decision making will form the foundation of this alignment, and can easily and cost effectively be achieved through external Surveys and Benchmarking.

Business Benefit Realisation

The issue nowadays does not seem to be one of whether the realisation of strategy and business benefits are necessary (as Peter Drucker contended with saying “if you can’t measure it, you can’t manage it”), but more one of what should be measured and how. Our approach to Business Scorecards / Dashboards design helps to answer this question in a way that is appropriate and significant for each unique organisation.

What We Promise

The solutions we specialise in are aligned with the approach described above, and aim to leverage business opportunities and address critical challenges in a value adding way to realise sustainable business benefits.




How We Work

In working with our clients, we follow a phased process, collaborating closely with them to design and implement smart and sustainable solutions that realise business benefits.

how we work


Coming together is a beginning, staying together is progress, and collaborating is success. — Henry Ford